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Our specialty and strength as a company resides in the design of new colours and customised additives for the plastic sector. In our laboratories, we create the desired colours that our customers want to apply in their products in order to differentiate them from their competitors’. When our technical department receives a request of a colour, additive or colour + additive, our team gets down to work to obtain that same solution in masterbatch that our customer desires in a certain resin, in accordance with the required regulatory framework and in the shortest period of time.

How do we do it?
With a 360º process

Stage 1 : Design stage

A piece, RAL, Pantone, CIELAB grid, RGB or idea. Our laboratory creates a sample in powder or in masterbatch of the desired colour and the material chosen by the customer.

Stage 2: Accreditation stage

The customer tests the colour and verifies if it suits their needs. If it is not the case or should they want to perform any changes, our laboratory will be in charge of amending the colour.

Stage 3: Manufacturing and control stage

After accepting the colour, we start the manufacturing process. Our laboratory will also perform any necessary quality control of the finished product.

Stage 4: Delivery and aftersales stage:

The logistic means to deliver your goods in the best possible conditions are arranged accordingly. The customer may also contact our Sales Department or our Laboratory as many times as needed.

    For the optimization of the design, it is recommended that the client send a small sample of 1-2 kg of virgin resin to test our pigments and dyes on the final resin and avoid deviations in the color created for the final piece.

    Guaranteed quality

    With over 2.500 customised designs in a yearly basis and over 30.000 designs of different references as a result of our professional experience, we are one of the companies with the solidest, quickest and most trustworthy companies in the market, in order to provide a visual added value that catches the customer’s attention. Our company is proud to keep over 68% of success rate in our customised colour offers and more than 1.000 annual manufactured tons.

    + 25 years of experience in the plastic sector
    + 2500 new color designs every year
    + 1000 tons of masterbatch manufactured per year

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