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COLORTEC QUÍMICA SL complies with the existing laws in Spain and the European Union regarding the personal data processing of their customers. In that context, the necessary technical and organizational measures are adopted in order to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access and theft of any set of personal data that might have been facilitated, in view of the status of technology, the nature of data and the risks to which have been exposed. Hereafter, in regulatory compliance of data protection, the reader is informed about all terms and conditions of the data processing conducted by COLORTEC QUIMICA SL.

Who is responsible for the processing of your personal data?

The entitled party for the company management is FRANCISCO ASENCIO VAÑO , whose ID No. is 21631348D, with company address in C/CORDOBA, 3 – 03440 IBI (ALICANTE), Spain.

Which is the main purpose of the data processing and under which existing legislation?

The main objective is to provide services related to the MANUFACTURING OF COLORANTS FOR PLASTICS, and to that end we would need to perform the following tasks:

  • Provide information about services and products to the customer.
  • Manage their personal consultations, suggestions or requests.
  • Manage newsletter subscriptions.

Your express consent will allow us to proceed with the data processing, and it will be kept in case you request to check it in future occasions. You will always have the right to cease any data transmission to us, which would subsequently result in the impossibility of providing the agreed service. 

COLORTEC QUÍMICA SL complies with regulations regarding personal data processing of their customers according to the existing laws in Spain and the European Union. The necessary technical and organisational measures have been adopted to prevent the loss, misuse, change, unauthorised access and theft of the provided personal data, in view of the status of technology, the nature of the data and risks to which these are exposed. In compliance with the data protection legislation, the User is hereby informed about the terms and conditions of the data treatment conducted by COLORTEC QUIMICA SL.

Who is entitled for the processing of users’ data?

The company’s entitled party is FRANCISCO ASENCIO VAÑO, with the following ID No.: 21631348D, and the following company address: C/ CORDOBA, 3 – 03440 IBI (ALICANTE), Spain.

Which is the purpose of the processing of data, and what legislations governs it?

The objective is to provide a service of COLORANT MANUFACTURING FOR PLASTICS and the following actions shall be carried out to that end:

  • Provide information about products or services to the customer.
  • Manage the customer’s query, suggestion or request.
  • Manage newsletters’ subscriptions.

The Users give their express consent for the data treatment service and they will be kept for future occasions, in case the User requests their verification. The User will have the right to refuse to provide the data and it would be subsequently impossible to provide the data processing service.

What kind of data shall be managed?

The user data set that will be used to the aforementioned end includes the following:

Data sets that are directly provided by the USER, either in the moment of the service request by filling the provided forms. The USER is responsible for the veracity and update of the provided answers.

The requested set of data is strictly necessary for the performance of the following service:

Name, surnames, address, phone number, email address…

To whom might your personal data be disclosed?

The User’s data will NOT be disclosed to third parties, except by legal imperative.

How long will the data be kept?

Personal data will be kept during the existing business relationship with the USER and within a maximum period of time of 5 years thereby, in case the USER would have given his/her consent. Once the business relationship is finished (or once the 5-year period is finished) the data will be deleted in compliance with the user protection legislation.

What rights are Users entitled to?

Our data protection regulation confers rights to the Users in relation to the data processing that are involved in our services and that will be gathered in the following points:

  • Right of access: Know what kinds of data is being used and the characteristics of the service that is performed.
  • Right of rectification: Be able to change your data due to the lack of veracity or inaccuracy.
  • Right of transference: You may obtain a copy of the data that are being used in any interoperable format.
  • Right to limit the treatment of cases within the applicable jurisdiction.
  • Right of removal: Request the removal of your data when the service is no longer necessary.
  • Right of opposition: Request the cease of business notifications disclosures, according to the previously indicated terms.
  • Right to revoke the consent given, being your request processed within approximately 10 days.
  • Right to file a claim to the according supervising authority (AEPD in Spain).

You may exercise your rights by postal mail to the following address: C/ CORDOBA, 3 – 03440 IBI (ALICANTE), or by sending an email indicating the required documentation. Several models may be found at AEPD’s website and may assist you to exercise your rights.


Personal data protection

Heading        Basic information (1st layer, brief)           Additional information (2nd layer, detailed)

Entitled party




Fiscal address: C/ CORDOBA, 3 03440 IBI ALICANTE

VAT/ID: B53040804

Telephone No.: 966551645

Party entitled of the data processing: FRANCISCO ASENSIO VAÑO


  • Provide information about the business products or services to the customer.
  • Draft and provide information to the customers’ request.
  • Manage and provide answers to the website’s contact forms.
  • Management of images and video taken by the surveillance cameras.
  • Management of geolocated employees.
  • Management of the products’ or services’ quality certificates.
  • Management of the company.
  • Management of labour relations.
  • Management of the subscribers to the website’s newsletters.
  • Issuance of invoices for the services provided to customers.

Data storage periods: as long as there is any existing business relationship or legal obligation between the parts.

Your data will not be used for the creation of profiles.

Entitlement By consent of the interested party
Depending on the purpose of the gathering of data, the entitlement of all activities related to the data processing will be specified.

You have the right to not transfer your data and the service would be therefore unable to be performed.

Consignee (of the transmission of any kind of information) Anticipation for data transfer

Anticipation for data transmission to third countries

Data shall not be disclosed to any third parties, except by legal obligation.

You have the right to not transfer your data and the service would be unable to be performed.

These transmissions shall not be performed unless constrained by law.

Reference to the exercise of rights The following rights may be exercised: Rights of access in order to confirm the purpose of the data treatment; Rights of rectification, if the provided data is inaccurate; Rights of suppression and and removal, qhen data  are no longer necessary for the purpose for which they were gathered; Rights of transference of data that was automatically treated; and Rights of limitation and opposition to the data treatment.

You have the right to revoke the provided consent at anytime and it will imply the termination of the provided services.

You have the right to file a complaint to the Spanish Agency of Data Protection, should you consider that the treatment of your data is not in accordance with the European legislation.

Origin Source of data
The source of the provided data comes from the voluntary transmission of your consent through the website’s contact form.

The categories of the data that are processed are the following:

Identification data

Bank information

Images and videos


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