Colorants for Construction and Agriculture

In Colortec, we are aware of the requirements of plastic products dedicated to the manufacturing process of plastic pieces for the construction and agriculture sectors. 

Thus, our colorants and additives for the construction and agricultural sectors are manufactured with exceptional attention to detail and under the established requirements in both sectors. 

Essential features for colorants in the construction and agricultural sectors

Due to the applications that these pieces may have, our colorants for plastic products in the construction and agricultural sectors meet the technical specifications that make the products apt for a wide diversity of situations. 

The great majority of plastic products in both sectors will be subjected to severe weather conditions, oxidative processes, UV radiation and an intensive use. 

This is the reason why, even though these are different sectors, the colorant encompasses both sectors within the same section. The need of incorporating high-solidity colour pigments and, in different circumstances, different additives for plastics such as anti-UV agents or antioxidant additives among others, generates effective solutions.

The designs of colours and additives in masterbatch for construction that we manufacture are adapted to the requirements of the most innovative and leading design teams of the sector. As previously mentioned, functionality is also a key factor, to which our laboratory technicians pay special attention. 

We also understand your processes, that is why in Colortec we care about adapting and optimizing our masterbatches for:

  • Extrusion of sheets
  • Extrusion of PVC pipes
  • Pressing procedures
  • Injection 
  • Thermoforming
  • Any other process adapted to the customer’s needs.

Our know-how with customers of these two sectors allows us to design any colour that the customer desires, even in plastic materials with fibres or technical plastics that require a higher attention to detail when manufacturing the masterbatch. This way, a product that allows a fluid and free of defects production of plastic products in the construction and agricultural sector may be obtained. 

Colorants and pigments for plastic products in the construction and agricultural sectors

We develop customised technical masterbatches for the construction and agricultural sectors. Our colour and additive concentrates are manufactured by our technical staff and experts with the latest cutting-edge technology in our production facilities under strict quality standards. 

The correct traceability of our products is ensured at all their stages. Besides, we are willing to replicate the process as many times as the customer requires and ensure a colour deviation of below 1 Delta E, which is barely noticeable to the human eye. 

We design and manufacture in bases or carriers that are compatible with the main plastic resins in the following sectors:

  • Rigid PVC 
  • Flexible PVC
  • Polypropylene (PP)
  • Polyethylene (HDPE/LDPE)
  • Polypropylene + fibreglass
  • Any other plastic material or technical plastic involved in your projects. 

Construction products are also covered, such as:

  • Blinds
  • Awnings
  • Lattices 
  • Coatings  
  • Profile
  • Conduits
  • Pipes
  • Sheets
  • Water tanks
  • Any other idea or project in plastic related to this sector.

We also cover some agricultural products, such as:

  • Irrigation rubbers
  • Technical plastic pieces for agriculture
  • Decoration plastic articles
  • Fruit and harvesting boxes
  • Flowerpots and plant pots
  • PVC pipes
  • Any other idea or plastic product related to this sector

Colorants for construction and agriculture: sector standards

Our different colorants for construction and agriculture are in conformity with several national and international standards on safety and health in both sectors.

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